Bower Law Firm


We will review your case and your insurance policy and advise you as to your coverage and legal options in pursuing a claim for property damage.


We have previously worked on behalf of insurance companies and now solely advocate for policyholders.  We have the expertise to give you an accurate assessment of your case. We have many tools in our arsenal to use to get your case settled or narrow the issues for trial.  Brandee Bower is a certified Mediator and she can help you valuate your case and perform a cost-benefit analysis so that you may achieve optimal results.


We are trial attorneys. We litigate first-party matters on behalf of policyholders against insurance companies.

Nationwide Representation

We are licensed in many states and if there are claims in states where we are not licensed, we associate with local attorneys in the area and work to get your claim paid. Representing policyholders against insurance companies is a narrow legal focus and we have the experience necessary to garner a successful outcome of your case.